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The Story Behind The Ultimate Hoofpick

Horse-trainer Christy Jemail remembers it like it was yesterday. The day twenty years ago when she’d decided she’d had enough of wimpy hoofpicks. She was bent over, picking a horse’s feet, when a particularly concrete-ish piece of mud was the undoing of her pick. It bent. Again. And that was the undoing of Christy. Exclaiming, "Why can’t anyone make a decent hoofpick?!!", she decided then and there to do it herself.


Marriage and children (a.k.a. "life") intervened, and she spent many more years frustrated with the problem before finally doing something about it. The straw that broke this camel’s back? Becoming a professional instructor. Now it wasn’t just four feet she had to struggle through every day – it was 20. Or 32. A lot of feet, filled with dried mud, deep clefts where bacteria hid, or ice that chapped the hands because the pick wasn’t doing the job quickly. And a succession of hoofpicks, all tried in search of a decent tool… the wire ones that give no purchase, the plastic brush one with finger indentations on the palm side, even the fancy so-called ergonomic ones.

Christy Jemail and horse

In desperation, Christy began interviewing every farrier she met, asking them what they used for a hoofpick. The astounding answer? Not a one used a commercially produced pick. All crafted their own picks on their forge. "Aha," Christy thought. "It’s not just me. There is a big need for a great hoofpick."


Working with farrier friends, Christy labored over what would be "the ultimate hoofpick", as she kept referring to it in her mind. Prototype after prototype was produced, until finally, Christy knew she had the design that would delight the horseman’s hand and quickly clean all varieties of feet.


Thus, the Ultimate Hoofpick was born… a real tool that is being met with exclamations of joy in every barn it enters. What’s next for Christy? Stay tuned for more inventions. The Ultimate Hoofpick is just the beginning.

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