"Rubberized handle improves grip while the wider pick angle makes cleaning hard-packed hooves a breeze."
- Practical Horseman May 2007

"Heavy-duty hoof cleaner removes debris, including packed mud and snow, from a horse’s hooves without bending or breaking."
- Equus July 2007

"Top Pick! Gain the upper hand on picking out your horse’s hooves – designed to easily remove any material from your horses’s hooves."
- Horse Illustrated July 2007

"The Ultimate Hoofpick just gets the job done, quick and easy."
- Horse Connection July 2007

"You’ll get your money’s worth from the Ultimate Hoofpick. Makes the job of picking hooves faster and easier."
- Perfect Horse October 2007

"High-grade hoofpick has a grippy, ergonomic handle; steel that’s an unbendable 40mm thick; and a patent-pending pick angle that pries even the most cement-like material from the hoof’s sole."
- Horse & Rider October 2007

"Superbly effective and precise pick"
- American Farriers Journal Sept/Oct 2007


What our Ultimate Hoofpick users have to say:

I am a professional Natural Hoof Care provider. I met Christy recently at Greentree and swapped my fist hoof pick with her for a new one. Just for grins I "did the math" on how many feet this hoof pick had cleaned since I purchase it on Oct. 16th, 2008 at Colorado Animal Health in Longmont.

During the 136 weeks of service the hoofpick cleaned 21960 feet! And it was still servicable! It never bent or rusted (even though it went into a steralizing agent after every appointment).

If an average one horse owner were to clean her horses feet three times per week, it would take a staggering 35 YEARS to equal the service that I gave the hoofpick! I think it is simply amazing that the tool is THAT WELL MADE. I use them exclusively because doing as many horses as I do, I need a tool that is comfortable and efficient. I cannot afford to compromise on either comfort or effieciency. Your hoofpick did that every time I used it. I have recommended it to each and every customer since shortly after I purchase it. Thanks for such a quality product.

Keith Jacobson



We don't have any problems in the summer time, as our soil does not pack into our horses' hooves, but rather with winter snow pack which can be extremely difficult to extract! The Uitmate HoofPick makes that a breeze!

- MA, Michigan

Wow!  This hoofpick gets the job done in half the time.  It's now my favorite grooming item.  I love my Ultimate HoofPick. 

- LH, Charlotte, N.C.

It's about time someone made a worthy hoofpick.

- RG, Boulder, CO

I clean hooves all day and this hoofpick makes the job so much easier. 

- GW, Chicago, IL

I can honestly say I've hated every hoofpick I've ever used, other than one I liked for sentimental reasons. This Ultimate HoofPick is the first I've ever been pleased with. It's comfortable, has a great grip, and is just what they say it is... the first real tool for cleaning horses' feet. Worth every penny!

- HD, Louisville, CO

Hi Christy,
I am speechless.  Many, many congratulations and the very best of wishes for you with this Ultimate HoofPick.  It is sensational!  I have to tell you this little story...

I was in my daughter's barn last week, the former Full Moon, and on the counter in the lounge was your box of interesting looking hoof picks.  I was standing there examining it while Mara had just picked up one from the trainer's tack box and was saying how "cool" it was.  I was thinking to myself, FINALLY, a decent hoofpick.  As Mara used your hoofpick on her horse, I thought, I'm going to get one of these for Sierra.  So I wrote out the check and as I was writing "Equinimity", I thought that sounded somehow familiar, but didn't think about it much more.  I was later talking to Holly Davis and asked her if that was a product from one of her clients?  She said that it was and that if I liked it, I should go to the Ultimate Hoof Pick website to write a testimonial.  So I've been using the pick for the last 5 or 6 days, thinking, I love this hoof pick.  I went home and got on your website and who should I see, but Christy Jemail's name.  I thought, how cool is that??

Christy, it is the best hoof pick I have ever seen or used.  No more bent picks and now I can actually get in there and get out the concrete from Sierra's hooves.  No more screwdrivers.  No more grunting as I clean out her feet.  Yee-Haw!  

I hope you are ready, because once this gets around a little, you will be swamped with orders.  Honestly, I wish you the best of luck for success with this, but I don't think you need luck.  You have a wonderful product here.

Happy Holidays and Have a Wonderful New Year.



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